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When I'm in love | 10/12/2010 | 12:11 am


I've only been in love
once before
It wasn't good for me
But it was good
It was tornadoes.
And when I'm in love.
A channel, a conduit, a high-priestess, a Stonehenge aerial.
A dandelion seed, a pneumataphore, a spider in the drain.
And when I'm in love,
I give myself.
I submit, I throw myself in you.
No conditions, no expectations.
No barter, no consideration.
I give you my love.
In a bottle cap, in a mountain.
In the ashes of the candles you put up around your room to set the mood.
That I smeared around my eyes.
Rubbed into your pillow sea.
When I curled to sleep beside you.
You, embers.
Only one foot in sleep.
So conscious of the me
I give to you.

- Anna



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